DragonBall Super: Broly Review (SPOILERS)

“He’s so cool. He’s so cool, but he’s so goddamn dumb”- Team Four Star Broly Abridged. That was the consensus Team Four Star gave the original depiction of the massively powerful and massively popular villain, Broly. In his original origin story (NOT written by Akira Toriyama) Broly was neighbors with Goku when they were babiesContinue reading “DragonBall Super: Broly Review (SPOILERS)”

DBZ Kakarot & DB FighterZ

Why we don’t need any more DragonBall Games Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was a major success and a fairly great retelling of the iconic anime. While it’s definitely not perfect, most reviews consider it the second best DBZ game ever. The best is of course, Dragon Ball FighterZ. FighterZ has a detailed and fluid combat,Continue reading “DBZ Kakarot & DB FighterZ”

Why we don’t need a Zendaya album…yet

2/12/2019 I love Zendaya, I think she’s absolutely incredible. She’s a wonderful role model for young girls and is truly changing the world of entertainment. Rather than ditch her Disney roots and go crazy to prove she was grown she became an executive producer for her second show and rose from Disney Channel to MCU. ThisContinue reading “Why we don’t need a Zendaya album…yet”