Why Love & Monsters Might Be My Favorite Movie of 2020

So, today, I got the best entertainment news of the year. A new movie, releasing via streaming services next month, called Love & Monsters. Now let me be clear, I don’t expect this to be especially groundbreaking, but it looks really, really fun. A boy crosses a monster filled post-apocalyptic version of our world toContinue reading “Why Love & Monsters Might Be My Favorite Movie of 2020”

Scott Pilgrim: Love The Comic/Hate The Movie

So, the comic series Scott Pilgrim is my all-time favorite work of fiction. It’s honest, it’s inspirational, it’s punk, and I relate to it on so many levels. While personally I’ve never been in a band that actually got to play shows, or dated a seventeen year old in my twenties, I have lived onContinue reading “Scott Pilgrim: Love The Comic/Hate The Movie”

Julie And The Phantoms is my new obsession

A show about a girl in a ghost band might be my second favorite show of all time So, this show came out two days ago and had it not been for an ad on TikTok, I may not have known about it. Thankfully, not only did I know, but I had the day off,Continue reading “Julie And The Phantoms is my new obsession”

So let’s talk about She-Ra (SPOILERS!!)

So She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a reboot of the original She-Ra series from the 80s, and I can openly say that much like He-Man, the original She-Ra did not age well. Now that I’ve finished watching Princess of Power, I have to say that I really enjoyed it. In all honesty I’dContinue reading “So let’s talk about She-Ra (SPOILERS!!)”

3 Things I’d Change in DBZ/Super

I love the Dragonball franchise. In fact, I love it more than the Naruto series. Simply for the fact that, despite it’s ridiculous transformation from a show about a young boy going on adventures to aliens fighting gods for the sake of the multiverse, it has a somewhat more kept together lore. There are farContinue reading “3 Things I’d Change in DBZ/Super”

My 5 Favorite Anime Villains

Whose your favorite anime villain? What, to you, constitutes a villain? Do they have to be the big bad, a powerful adversary? I gave it a lot of thought, for me, villains have to have truly evil motivations, and in no way redeemable. So a lot of popular badasses like Madara Uchiha for example, didn’tContinue reading “My 5 Favorite Anime Villains”

Madoka Magica: Emo Sailor Moon?

So, I spent the last few days watching Madoka Magica, and, I honestly still don’t really know how I feel about it. Maybe it’s because one of my first anime was Sailor Moon, but this dark take on the magical girl concept kinda made me uncomfortable. In the beginning I was all in. Heroes whoContinue reading “Madoka Magica: Emo Sailor Moon?”

So let’s talk about DC Fandome

So, DC had their own digital expo this past weekend, and revealed a lot of stuff. Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve already seen all the trailers for new movies, games, and shows coming back. You’ve also probably watched a bunch of comic book YouTubers videos exposing every easter egg or important detail inContinue reading “So let’s talk about DC Fandome”

Fire Force S1: My Thoughts (SPOILER FREE)

So, when I first heard about Fire Force, I didn’t hear good things. Fanservice, a weird anime that tried to blend MHA with firefighters, etc. But after finishing the atrocity that was Akame Ga Kill yesterday, I figured I’d give it a chance. To every person that insulted this anime, you are out of yourContinue reading “Fire Force S1: My Thoughts (SPOILER FREE)”

Top 5 Games I Can’t Wait to Play

a.k.a why I won’t be available in 2021 So, last year, in a world that hadn’t been ravaged by a pandemic, I worked a lot. Too much honestly. I had a morning and a evening job and I often manipulated my schedule so I was working both jobs seven days a week. Eventually, I realizedContinue reading “Top 5 Games I Can’t Wait to Play”