Top 5 Games I Can’t Wait to Play

a.k.a why I won’t be available in 2021 So, last year, in a world that hadn’t been ravaged by a pandemic, I worked a lot. Too much honestly. I had a morning and a evening job and I often manipulated my schedule so I was working both jobs seven days a week. Eventually, I realizedContinue reading “Top 5 Games I Can’t Wait to Play”

Final Fantasy VII Remake

How Square Enix delivered a reboot, a new game, the ultimate fan service, and the ultimate middle finger all at once In 1997, Square Enix, a company already known for delivering top-tier JRPG games, released Final Fantasy VII. A 3-disc epic, this game sold over 13 million copies and is still the top selling SquareContinue reading “Final Fantasy VII Remake”