Erased, or Panic Attack: The Anime

So, it’s almost 4 a.m and I just finished binge watching Erased. Why? Because Erased might be the first anime I absolutely had to finish in one go. The fear, the suspense, there’s no way I’d have gotten any sleep if I’d stopped before it was over. As usual, I’ll try to keep the spoilersContinue reading “Erased, or Panic Attack: The Anime”

3 Things I’d Change in DBZ/Super

I love the Dragonball franchise. In fact, I love it more than the Naruto series. Simply for the fact that, despite it’s ridiculous transformation from a show about a young boy going on adventures to aliens fighting gods for the sake of the multiverse, it has a somewhat more kept together lore. There are farContinue reading “3 Things I’d Change in DBZ/Super”

My 5 Favorite Anime Villains

Whose your favorite anime villain? What, to you, constitutes a villain? Do they have to be the big bad, a powerful adversary? I gave it a lot of thought, for me, villains have to have truly evil motivations, and in no way redeemable. So a lot of popular badasses like Madara Uchiha for example, didn’tContinue reading “My 5 Favorite Anime Villains”

Madoka Magica: Emo Sailor Moon?

So, I spent the last few days watching Madoka Magica, and, I honestly still don’t really know how I feel about it. Maybe it’s because one of my first anime was Sailor Moon, but this dark take on the magical girl concept kinda made me uncomfortable. In the beginning I was all in. Heroes whoContinue reading “Madoka Magica: Emo Sailor Moon?”

Fire Force S1: My Thoughts (SPOILER FREE)

So, when I first heard about Fire Force, I didn’t hear good things. Fanservice, a weird anime that tried to blend MHA with firefighters, etc. But after finishing the atrocity that was Akame Ga Kill yesterday, I figured I’d give it a chance. To every person that insulted this anime, you are out of yourContinue reading “Fire Force S1: My Thoughts (SPOILER FREE)”

My Top 5 Anime “Best Girls”

The “best girl” is kind of a weird piece of anime culture that I still don’t completely understand. I don’t know if it applies to all characters in the series, but for this list I chose characters that operate somewhere near their main characters. WARNING: This list will be full of spoilers so I canContinue reading “My Top 5 Anime “Best Girls””

Sasuke Uchiha: Genius? Or Phony?

So, as we all know, in the original Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha is top of the class at the academy, and all the girls are obsessed with him. He’s dark and brooding and has the kind of story line that would make him the main protagonist in a different kind of anime. From the moment he’sContinue reading “Sasuke Uchiha: Genius? Or Phony?”

Goku isn’t a bad father

I honestly never thought I would be writing this. I absolutely love the meme of Bad Dad Goku. I love the joke that Piccolo is Gohan’s real father, but after re-watching the series and seriously considering all the factors, I have to admit that Goku, while definitely not being a good father, isn’t actually aContinue reading “Goku isn’t a bad father”