Breakfast with The Wicked Lady

Every day we see social media influencers, as well as anyone with a social media account, talk about how fake everything is. They rant about how everything is curated, modified with photoshop or facetune, and how no one is showing who they really are. This stance has always frustrated me because the way we presentContinue reading “Breakfast with The Wicked Lady”

Breakfast with Smiling Eyes Media

Before it was an advertising tool, before it was selfies, a photograph was a moment in time, captured forever, a still display of the universe in a state of existence it would never be in again. Family photos, historical records, a photograph has the ability to take a moment in time, and make it iconic,Continue reading “Breakfast with Smiling Eyes Media”

Breakfast with Ms. Marvel

By now most of the country has seen and raved at Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse. Between that, web warriors, and the comics themselves, people have fully embraced Miles Morales, the black webslinger in a black and red costume. Miles is one of the two most popular characters to come from a new age in comics,Continue reading “Breakfast with Ms. Marvel”

Breakfast with Deseri Rice

11/16/2018 In today’s social media world, there’s two types of art that, in the eyes of many, are oversaturated. In the city of Atlanta a phrase I’ve heard often, and have even used: “throw a rock in any direction and you’ll either hit a photographer or a soundcloud rapper.” But while I was sitting there,Continue reading “Breakfast with Deseri Rice”

Breakfast with Black Quasar

9/28/2018 We live in a strange world. Subcultures like goth & punk have become mainstream aesthetic yet actual punks & goths are still ostracized, drag queens rule the internet and our TVs yet our government is taking every opportunity to destroy the LGBT community, and online music platforms have removed all need for record labelsContinue reading “Breakfast with Black Quasar”

Breakfast with Alex Wex

12/4/2018 People have a million opinions and false facts about the digital world we live in today, and even more about social media. For a lot of people, they use platforms like Instagram and Twitter to follow celebrities, and some use it to bully celebrities. Most forget that that connection can also be used forContinue reading “Breakfast with Alex Wex”

Breakfast with King Kitsu

2/1/2019 King Kitsu is a black trans man making a name for himself in the cosplay world and having a good time doing it. From amazing suit builds, to mashups, to fun videos with other cosplay friends and even a highly praised live performance, Kitsu represents the best part of what cosplay, and the cosplayContinue reading “Breakfast with King Kitsu”