Malcolm & Marie Review (SPOILERS)

So I want to start off by saying this is going to be full of spoilers. I know I usually keep them as minimal as possible but that’s impossible with this film. This film is a masterpiece, and I can only speak of it fully and without restraint. But before I get into the film I want to address the elephants in the room. Yes, there is an age difference between the two actors and if that bothers you, go back and look at how old Margot Robbie was in Wolf of Wall Street. Yes, the writer of this film is Sam Levinson, a white man, but this movie came equally from Zendaya herself so please don’t limit it with woke race discussions, and yes, this movie was made with a skeleton crew during a global pandemic and the crew was given back end points on the film so they could make more money and take care of their families in a pandemic that is still leaving hundreds of thousands of people financially destroyed.

I’ve been in some toxic relationships, I’ve had friends in toxic relationships, and this film captured that situation perfectly. Nights that should be happy turn into wars, conversations become minefields or rabbit holes, and even though you know you should leave, you’re so in love you stay put. In my own life, I’ve had many nights devolve into partners crying to me, asking me to talk them out of suicide, and when it was all said and done, I was left alone, now full of misery, with no one to talk me off the ledge. Malcolm is a man who thinks everything should be good because he just released the best film of his career, but he’s also a confident and somewhat entitled educated man whose hubris blocks him from seeing and understanding fairly obvious things. Marie is a broken and damaged woman who at the end of the day, just wants to be appreciated. Disagreements, years worth of pain and trauma get put on display as the couple has the most honest and raw fight I think I’ve ever seen in a film. Even the music in the film is an extension of the fight.

This was my first time seeing John David Washington on screen and I am thoroughly impressed. As someone whose been a fan of Zendaya for quite some time now it was truly inspiring to see these two talents do this torturous, relentless, yet beautiful dance. With genius lighting and camera work this film is a game changer for cinema and should definitely be on everyone’s lips during award season

Rating: 4.8/5

Fav scene: The knife

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