“Downfalls High” Review

So, I’m a huge MGK fan, and his latest album Tickets To My Downfall is one of the main pieces of media that helped me survive 2020. I’ve been obsessed with the album since he first tweeted about it as an idea back in 2019, and it’s probably my favorite album from last year. So of course I had high hopes for his debut film Downfalls High, and after watching this morning I can say that while it’s not what I expected, I did very much enjoy it. Without spoiling anything, I’ll say that it’s not the visual album experience I was originally expecting, something kinda like Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock & Roll project, but it doesn’t have the full realization that I think it deserves either. The project was made in four days in pandemic conditions which is truly amazing, the story and characters are well written and performed, I just wanted more of it. It felt unfinished, there’s no real sense of closure. It’s a rushing flood of different emotions that hits for the entire runtime and then credits. It feels like a show that’s season finale was a cliffhanger and then didn’t get another season.


Rating: 8/10

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