Alone: Review

Spoilers will be at a minimum, I’ll do my best not to reveal anything not already shown in the trailer.

So for starters, this is a really good zombie movie. Probably my favorite, because it’s believable. It spits in the face of every idiot who ever talked about how easy it would be for them to survive a zombie apocalypse. Personally, I always said I’d just find a place that was solar powered, hook up a tv and game system, and only leave to get food after the first two weeks when things calmed down a bit. Alone laughed at my plan because it brought to light all the things we don’t think about, and made the apocalypse feel intimate, personal, and believable. This is thanks in almost equal parts to the wonderful script and Tyler Posey’s absolutely stellar performance. I hate that this movie almost certainly won’t get the appreciation it deserves because it’s a horror film, but please, if you like zombies, this movie is a must-see!

Rating: 9/10

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