God Of Highschool Review (SPOILER FREE)

I just finished the first season of God Of Highschool and I am shook. The first couple of episodes left me confused from the lack of worldbuilding, which made a few of the shounen trope moments feel off. I actually considered turning it off at one point, but I’m very glad I didn’t. While it may have come late, the explanation behind the show’s power system really gripped me. There’s definitely still a ton of questions which I’m sure will be answered in season 2 (or if I felt like reading the webtoon) but unlike a lot of anime, I’m not waiting for the answers in frustration, I’m genuinely excited for these reveals. The protagonist Jin Mori originally seemed like a modern Goku, which I didn’t like, but by the end of the season I absolutely loved him. He is definitely a Goku type, but in some ways he’s actually better. I love that all of our characters have strong motivations and each are thoroughly explored. None of the women feel useless and their written incredibly well. Also, this series excels in it’s fight choreography and animation. I haven’t seen such fluid and well crafted movement since Yuri on Ice. The loyalty to actual known style of martial arts and seeing how different styles will match up made every fight more interesting.

My only complaint about the series is more than likely due to it’s source material. As a webtoon, I understand the creator not wanting to waste time with certain things, but there are points where the story feels rushed. One fight in particular I was very excited for, but the battle started with almost no warning and was over so quickly I felt cheated. I’d wager if you’ve watched the show you know what fight I’m referring to. Aside from that, GOH is absolutely incredible.

Rating: 8/10

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