My Favorite Anime Moms

They’re few and far between but I want to share my favorite mothers in anime, my only rules are that I can only pick one Mom per anime, cause otherwise all the answers would be from MHA, and they have to be alive. I’ll probably do a best dead moms in the future though since that happens a lot in anime.

4. Miyako Ishida– A Silent Voice

While Shoya’s behavior as a kid definitely keeps her out of the top spot, Miyako does her best raising the broken teenager he becomes. Trying to deal with her son’s suicide attempt along with all the other problems in their life, Miyako is present, actively trying to motivate her son to keep going and not give up. She even kept it together when he fell into a coma and everyone else went nuts.

3. Hana- Wolf Children

So, Hana is one of the most incredible mothers as well as protagonists I’ve ever seen in anime. She exemplifies humanity in it’s finest but also it’s plainest. She starts out a college bookworm but is forced to learn so much that no book could ever teach her. With both supernatural and common human struggles to overcome, she does her best to raise two incredibly unique kids. She’s absolutely remarkable.

2. Inko Midoriya- My Hero Academia

Let me make this as clear as I possibly can. Inko Midoriya is the BEST mom in shonen history! This woman had to watch her son through all of his trauma, all of his pain, and even though she may not have been perfect, she did her best to support him. She didn’t even ask questions when he suddenly developed a Quirk, or pull him from school when she watched him break almost every bone in his body in the school festival. Robots, super-powered classmates, villains, she has been by his side for everything, and all she’s asked him to do is call her and stay as safe as he can. She’s terrified of the world Deku is entering but she knows being a hero is his dream and would never take that away from him. She designed his base costume, not to mention hospital visits and picking him up from the police station. Also, she is adorable!

1. Sachiko Fujinuma- Erased

I honestly could just spoil Erased and tell you why Sachiko is anime’s best mom with a single sentence, but that spoiler is huge so I won’t. Instead let’s think about this single mother, whose husband ran out on her right after her son was born, working every day to achieve her journalism dreams and give her kid the best life she could. Whenever Satoru needs help, even when he won’t admit he does, his mother is there. not doting or stifling him, just supporting him in a way she knows he’ll accept. She truly knows her son, knows him so well she can read his mind. When he started being a hero, she got up early to cook for him, even packing him an extra lunch. She stands beside him in the face of so much danger and some of the worst people imaginable.

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