Erased, or Panic Attack: The Anime

So, it’s almost 4 a.m and I just finished binge watching Erased. Why? Because Erased might be the first anime I absolutely had to finish in one go. The fear, the suspense, there’s no way I’d have gotten any sleep if I’d stopped before it was over. As usual, I’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but holy shit this was an impressive show.

So, the most I can say about the show without giving things away, is it takes the concept of a do-over to a level I’ve never seen before. In all honesty, considering America has movies like 17 Again, Erased makes us look like some talent-less losers. The story of a mangaka cursed with a weird power that makes him go back for brief moments and change the outcome of a tragedy, Erased broke me and put me back together again every episode. My anxiety had a field day because every single minute detail was immensely important in uncovering the mystery, and nothing was obvious. I did make one prediction that was right, but the road to that confirmation had so many twists and turns I still ended up shocked at the reveal. This also might be the best friendship anime I’ve seen since I watched Anohana last year. This story gave true and honest depictions of great friendship and unbelievable bravery, tackling some incredibly serious topics. Also, best Mom in all of anime, period.

If you haven’t watched Erased, do it. It’s on Netflix, and the dub is pretty good. It’s honestly a perfect show. 10/10.

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