Why Love & Monsters Might Be My Favorite Movie of 2020

So, today, I got the best entertainment news of the year. A new movie, releasing via streaming services next month, called Love & Monsters. Now let me be clear, I don’t expect this to be especially groundbreaking, but it looks really, really fun. A boy crosses a monster filled post-apocalyptic version of our world to get to the woman he loves, making interesting friends along the way. It feels like a monster movie version of Zombieland, which is definitely my favorite zombie movie. The monsters are cool looking, the plot seems funny and heartwarming with a few tense moments, but what really has me excited, is the lead actor: Dylan O’Brien.

Dylan O’Brien is my favorite actor of my generation. The only time he’s ever given a subpar performance, is when he was part of a subpar project. He’s unbelievably talented, with masterful comedic and dramatic delivery. He is one of the few actors who can pull me in to watch anything they’re in. I wouldn’t be bold enough assume I’m his biggest fan, but I also won’t deny the possibility.

For those who either forgot or are unaware, Dylan suffered a horrible accident on a film set a few years back that left him in reconstructive surgery, physical, and mental therapy. After recovering he returned and finished the movie that injured him, as well as another film he was scheduled for. After that, with the exception of a YouTube project, he was mostly inactive. Hey’d chosen to slow down and pace himself, rather than continue pumping out multiple projects a year. As a fan I was both happy for him, as well as concerned. Would he still get booked? Would he still get cast as a leading man? Would the projects be diverse or would he be typecast? I waited to see what his next major role would be, somewhat concerned he might not get one. Thankfully, today, my questions were answered. My favorite actor is back, and it looks like he’s got something really fun coming this October!

Also, last thing, thank you to the production studios for releasing this in digital rather than trying to convince people to go to a theater in a fucking pandemic.

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