Julie And The Phantoms is my new obsession

A show about a girl in a ghost band might be my second favorite show of all time

So, this show came out two days ago and had it not been for an ad on TikTok, I may not have known about it. Thankfully, not only did I know, but I had the day off, so I binged every episode. For those that don’t know, since I mostly write about anime these days, Lemonade Mouth, a movie about a ragtag bunch of dysfunctional teenagers who rebel against a school that put every extracurricular outside of athletics into the basement, is my second favorite movie of all time. So Julie And The Phantoms seemed right up my alley. It follows the story of a band who never got to achieve their dream and a girl who needed to learn how to live again. I wish I could say more about the plot, but you know I like to try and avoid spoiling things for you. The story will feel somewhat familiar to anyone who watched Disney Channel in the 2000s because it was created by Kenny Ortega, the genius behind the High School Musical films, as well as Descendants and many others. I found myself at some parts going “oh I know this feeling” but in a new way. While Ortega doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel with this series, he shows you the car you always expected to get from Disney, which sometimes didn’t deliver.

The music in this show is top tier. I can definitely say it has more consistent good quality than anything on Disney Channel. I’ve been rocking out to the soundtrack all day today and I’ll probably do the same tomorrow. My favorite is a song called “Bright” in episode 2. There’s a definite pop-rock vibe that carries the series both musically and in the overall tone that, for once, feels more rock and less pop. Each of the performers is genuine, no one is just holding a guitar and not playing it (looking at you Camp Rock) and in all honesty, I was too caught up in how great everything is to pick it apart. The overall story had me and my boyfriend crying happy as well as sad tears multiple times and truly rooting for these characters. Also, I’m absolutely living for the diversity in this series because it doesn’t feel forced and no one feels like a stereotype.

Overall, I give this series a 9.5/10. It’s exactly what it wants to be, and it’s definitely Ortega’s best work. Move over East High, cause Julie and the Phantoms just blew you out of the water!

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