So let’s talk about DC Fandome

So, DC had their own digital expo this past weekend, and revealed a lot of stuff. Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve already seen all the trailers for new movies, games, and shows coming back. You’ve also probably watched a bunch of comic book YouTubers videos exposing every easter egg or important detail in the trailers. While I love a deep dive just like every other nerd, I just wanted to talk about which projects I’m looking forward to, which ones I’ll probably watch but don’t really care about, and which things I really don’t care for (for now.)

1. The Batman

So, let’s get this one out of the way first. As it stands, I have absolutely no intention of watching the new Batman movie. Robert Pattinson is a fine actor and will probably give a good performance, the suit looks cool enough, but Batman just isn’t interesting anymore. Every time they make a new Batman all they strive for is to be darker and grittier than the last one, and that’s boring to me. I thought we were done with pointless dark movies after Batman v Superman failed, and Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam succeeded? I’m not saying we suddenly make Batman wacky and fun, but this just doesn’t work. Furthermore, this Batman isn’t even part of the DCEU. But, if that’s the case, why make this movie? This isn’t like it is with Venom, where a different company is making the movie, this is all the same company. So again, why? It’s already known that Ben Affleck backed out of the role, so why not just wait it out and introduce him properly? Now this Batman is worth just about as much as that god awful Joker movie. Hell, if you ask me these characters even seem to be the same, mentally disturbed white men having violent and elaborate temper tantrums. If I watch this it will either be because my friends make me, or I get really bored and it’s on a streaming service. But even then, I’ll probably avoid it.

2. The Snyder Cut

Ok, now this I’m a little more interested in. The fact that this fanboy fairy-tale has actually led to re-shoots and a full development blows my mind. This is the biggest victory a fanbase has won over the film industry since the Sonic movie last year. It looks pretty interesting, mostly because it seems to focus on more than just Batman deciding he cares about the alien god he wanted to kill only a few months ago. If this movie truly gives Flash and Cyborg the time and development they deserve then it will be good in my book. The best part though, is the plan for a HBO Max release, considering I already have HBO Max (thanks Dad.)

My concern for this movie though, lies in Henry Cavil and Ben Affleck. We hear rumors constantly about whether Cavil is still open to being Superman, and it’s a known fact that Ben Affleck left Batman when they wouldn’t let him direct the movie. So, what does this mean for future projects? Will releasing the Snyder Cut get DC to stop dragging their asses on The Flash movie? Will we get a Superman movie that’s more true to the character, or are we still filling his story with Jesus metaphors and annoying color filters? As things are right now, the CW verse is better with it’s use of DC heroes than the DCEU. Will this movie change that, and actually give fans something to hope for now that their pipe dream has actually happened?

3. Wonder Woman 1984

I’m gonna be honest, the first trailer for this movie had me worried. Sorry, I was born in 1991, and I don’t share the rest of the world’s obsession with the 80s. Sure, the clothes were funky and music was good, but I have more rights in 2020 so….yeah. Steve and Diana having fun in the 80s was nice, but showing us the villains and a bit of the actual plot is much better. I won’t risk going to a theater to see this movie, but the minute I can watch it from the comfort of my couch, I definitely will. Honestly all I need from this movie is a good Cheetah storyline and a better third act than the first film.

4. Suicide Squad 2

Now as far as films go, this is the one I’m most excited for! The first Suicide Squad was a Hot Topic garbage fire that unfortunately, even Will Smith couldn’t save. But thankfully, after the Birds of Prey movie, Margot Robbie seems to have become the perfect Harley Quinn. I genuinely love that movie and think her performance was better than even some of the animated attempts. If James Gunn kept some of that energy with her character and doesn’t screw it up by having way too many characters or a bullshit plot, this movie could be pretty good. Also, Idris Elba in a comic movie? Yes please!

5. Gotham Knights

Now THIS is a Batman project I can get behind! Batman dead, the city in chaos, and being able to play as his four most iconic disciples as you take on a city that truly can’t be saved. It reminds me somewhat of the Battle For The Cowl graphic novel except with Red Hood as a good guy. I’ll definitely be using Nightwing and Batgirl the most if I can. Also, the fact that this is co-op? If we’re able to play split screen this game is going to become a daily activity for my boyfriend and I! The story could really be something great, seeing each of Bruce’s trusted successors truly deal with a world without him. In most comic stories, this leads to Nightwing becoming Batman, but who knows what could happen this time. I’ll play this to death for sure.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

YES!! YES YES YES!!! Shut and take my money!! Now I’ll be the first to say I don’t normally play bad guy games, but this game seems to fall into that wonderful gray area, like the Infamous series. You’re doing the right thing, but you don’t have to play nice t do it. No more watching Batman beat someone to death but telling yourself the goon survived, or dealing with bad game writers who want the bad guys to die even though the hero has a no kill rule. Deadshot can fly, Boomerang can teleport, and King Shark is a playable character? This looks a hundred times more fun than Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad 2. I just hope it lives up to the expectations!

I’m also excited for the return of the Milestone comics heroes like Static and others, as well as the animated Static movie they confirmed, but I’ll withhold talking about that for when we know more. I don’t really care about the reboot of the animated films at the moment. Sure, a storyline where a young Clark Kent deals with the fear of xenophobia is new and interesting, but what else is gonna be in this reboot? I need more before I can be excited, especially since the new 52 based films were all so good. My overall feeling for DC right now, with all these announcements can be summed up in one sentence: I’m watching, now don’t fuck up.

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