Fire Force S1: My Thoughts (SPOILER FREE)

So, when I first heard about Fire Force, I didn’t hear good things. Fanservice, a weird anime that tried to blend MHA with firefighters, etc. But after finishing the atrocity that was Akame Ga Kill yesterday, I figured I’d give it a chance. To every person that insulted this anime, you are out of your mind. While yes, the power scaling did become more and more ridiculous as things progressed, anyone whose ever watched any shonen ever should accept that that is likely going to happen. Also, considering there’s anime that shows people having sexual experiences with food or orgasms during gambling, fanservice should also pretty much be expected. The only time I truly felt bothered by it was when it cut in the middle of a tense moment. Many of the characters are unique and vibrant, and I shed tears multiple times while watching it.

One thing that concerns me is that this is the second anime from Atsushi Okubo, who is responsible for my favorite manga of all time, Soul Eater. Fire Force seems to be the perfect next step in his legacy. Okubo is a genius in his way to depict things that are chilling, without be scary. His intense line art when illustrating the mentally unstable or insane seems ideal for the villains of this series. Fire Force leans a little deeper into comedy than Soul Eater did but rarely does it feel out of place. My concern, is that Fire Force may end up being mistreated the same way Soul Eater was. Soul Eater the anime, ended terribly. The anime was cancelled and we were given a fake ending to a story that still had years of story being written for it. Much like Soul Eater, Fire Force has a wonderful cast of characters, a fun world with a simple enough premise that grows into something incredible. I really want to see this story played out to it’s fullest. Will anime fans get to see Shinra realize his goals? Or will we be denied like we were with Soul and his friends? I sincerely hope not.

I won’t lie, Fire Force is an easy watch. It’s not something you need to devote your full attention to, especially if you watch it in the dub, which is very good. It’s a fun ride with really great animation and well executed use of CGI. Put it on while you lean, or do laundry, and you’ll probably enjoy it. Moments that demand your full attention will announce themselves and, if you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to look away during those parts. I’m super excited for season 2, but I’m going to wait for the dub because one of my favorite voice actors was cast for the new season.

My rating: 7/10

-Strawberry Smirk

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