Top 5 Games I Can’t Wait to Play

a.k.a why I won’t be available in 2021

So, last year, in a world that hadn’t been ravaged by a pandemic, I worked a lot. Too much honestly. I had a morning and a evening job and I often manipulated my schedule so I was working both jobs seven days a week. Eventually, I realized I wasn’t using my game system, even though I used to live stream before I’d gotten so busy. Now in 2021 I’m planning to work a little less, and make time for things I enjoy that are just that, pleasures. My modeling, writing, cosplaying, and everything else is part of my career now and are major investments, but with gaming, even if I stream, I don’t care if I have an audience ot if I make any money. I’m doing it because it’s fun. I don’t play game based on what’s trending, or even what’s new, I play whatever I want, becaue that’s what I’d naturally be doing. Now, with the Playstation 5 coming out, I’ve already let my boyfriend know that I’m dedicating all of my funds to getting one the minute a pre-order is available, and thankfully, he’s a gamer too. In anticipation, my playstation wishlist is almost a mile long. A lot of old games I never got the chance to play, and of course, some new Ps5 titles that I’m really excited for. So, here’s my top 5 games I can’t wait to play while I isolate myself for 2021. Also, this is not a review, as many of these games have yet to be released and all I know is what I saw in the trailer.

5.Castlevania series

So, I know this series is insanely old, and I never paid it any mine when I would walk through GameStop and see them on the shelves before, but now that Castlevania is my favorite anime I’m a little obsessed with playing it’s source material. I’m fully prepared to be dissapointed, but also hoping it will be a fun ride and maybe make for an easy game to play while I stream or wind down after a hard day.

4. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

This game feels like Playstation is taking a stab at a Legend of Zelda style game. This looks like so much fun, I can’t wait to dedicate a weekend to this and play a game that will likely keep me smiling the entire time.

3. Ghost of Tsushima

So, I know this game is already out, but I currently don’t own a console, and I’m waiting for the PS5 to be my next one. This game looks so gorgeous, everything about it feels cinematic, and for the kid who used to spend months playing samurai games, this looks like the greatest manifestation of that. I’ve watched a good portion of the beginning of the game and the story here seems very good. Watching this proud samurai struggle with not only his external but also internal battles is going to be a crazy experience to play through.

2. Solar Ash

A lot of people were watching the PS5 release event simply waiting to hear about the sequels to their favorite games. Personally, I was waiting to hear about new Spiderman and Horizon games, but one thing I didn’t expect, was completely new titles that felt like something I’d never seen before. Solar Ash is honestly one of the most artistically original things I’ve ever seen. While the trailer didn’t say much of what the story might be, the visuals and what looked like gameplay movement left me absolutely dumbfounded. This is an experience meant for 4K and I’m sure I’m going to love it.

1. Horizon II: Forbidden West

This game right now is the number one reason why I want to get the Playstation 5 at launch. In most cases I never go after the new console just because it’s new, I wait for a game, and this is it. Horizon Zero Dawn is the best post apocalyptic open world game I’ve ever played. It felt like a sleeper hit for the PS4 that most people ignored because other games like God of War 4 were available. But I’m so happy to see a sequel. The first game made me cry with how beautiful and powerful it’s story was. Alloy is an incredible protagonist and I am so full of anticipation to see where this goes next.

There are plenty of other games I’m excited for, like Stray and Spiderman: Miles Morales. Stray seems like the most original idea for a video game I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe it took the 5th generation of the playstation console to give it to us. As far as Spiderman: Miles Morales, I’m excited, but not as much as I’d like to be. I read that it’s not a sequel, simply an extension, which basically makes it glorified DLC. In all likelihood, this was originally planned to be DLC but once Sony started teasing the PS5 they decided to wait to release this. Hopefully it’s a full experience and not just a quick but of fun before putting us back in Peter’s spandex in the proper sequel. All that aside, I’m mostly just excited to play video games again, to spend whatever free time I have diving into these crazy worlds. As someone who was starting to fall out of love with gaming, this was just what I needed to pull me back in. Video games have been a part of my life from the moment I was old enough to pick up an SNES controller, and I don’t ever want to live in a world where they don’t excite me. Thankfully, for at least the next few years, I won’t have to worry about that.

-Strawberry Smirk

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