My Top 5 Anime “Best Girls”

The “best girl” is kind of a weird piece of anime culture that I still don’t completely understand. I don’t know if it applies to all characters in the series, but for this list I chose characters that operate somewhere near their main characters. WARNING: This list will be full of spoilers so I can best explain my opinion on these characters!

5. Integra Hellsing -Hellsing

I have a thing for strong, powerful women, and honestly I can’t think of anyone stronger than Integra Hellsing, leader of the Hellsing organization. Sure, she’s not strong in a combat sense, but this woman commands the king of all vampires. The scariest being in existence bows down to her and answers her beck and call. I can’t think of anyone more terrifying. Even crazier, she is completely human. She’s had the most powerful immortal in the world serving her since childhood, and she never even considered giving up her humanity.

4.Tsubaki- Soul Eater

Disclaimer: Soul Eater is one of those wonderful series whose anime adaptation never got to follow the story of the manga, and thus failed to show just how incredible it truly is. Now, in terms of a perfect partner, there are very few people who can compare to Tsubaki. She’s considered one of the strongest weapons in the world, has used her superior intellect to save Black Star multiple times, and fights just as hard as him to achieve their mutual goal. She overcomes incredible hardships and is just an absolutely incredible woman.

3. Winry Rockbell- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

In a time where most leading ladies in anime were either white mages or the damsel in distress who stayed out of the main conflict, Winry Rockbell is a revolutionary. Her role as Ed’s mechanic makes her absolutely invaluable. Ed would be quite seriously useless without her, as shown every time his automail arm breaks or is destroyed. She becomes extremely successful on her own and even confronts the man who killed her parents. Her arc as a character puts all other shonen ladies to shame.

2. Sypha Belnades- Castlevania

I’m in love with this character. She’s honestly the best of both worlds when it comes to a well constructed female protagonist. She’s strong, intelligent, full of optimism and hope in a world that has quite literally gone to Hell, and even though she sees the horrific and gruesome side of mankind on almost a daily basis, her heart is still full of love and compassion. Now, in terms of power, she’s probably the strongest character in the series that can realistically still call themselves human. I mean hell, she teleported a castle. In fact, in the sense of story impact, I’m pretty certain nothing could have been accomplished, or would have happened at all, without her.

1.Kaori Miyazono- Your Lie In April

This woman made me fall in love with slice of life anime. This was the first anime I’d ever watched that didn’t revolve around saving the world, and she is one hell of a hero. In spite of her own rotten luck, she brings color and life everywhere she goes, does everything she can to make children smile, and breaks every rule to make sure no one will ever forget her. She’s a force of nature, and even saves a horribly traumatized young boy from years of PTSD and awful parenting.

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