The Half Of It: The Best Gay Movie?

So, I’ll admit, I haven’t seen too many LGBT movies, but from the ones I have seen, The Half Of It is my favorite thus far. It’s extremely well written, beautifully shot, and feels honest. It’s not one of those trite “straight person had everything and then they met gay” stories that we see all too often. This is a coming of age movie that uses a minimal number or tropes simply to establish it’s characters in the beginning. Ellie is a smart, musically gifted Asian girl who is sacrificing her own potential to stay and care for her father, a brilliant man ruined by prejudice and the loss of his wife. Paul, is a dumb jock with a good heart who has a crush on a popular girl, and Aster is a pretty face dating the town’s rich kid. However, as soon as these tropes are introduced, the characters defy them. I’ll do my best to avoid any major spoilers, because this movie needs to be seen. One aspect that my boyfriend and I fell in love with was the sound design. While this movie definitely boasts a good soundtrack, it’s use of silence deserves massive applause. Tense and uncomfortable moments feel even more uncomfortable because we don’t have some pretty song playing in the background. We’re placed in scenes with no distractions, left with only the performance to give our attention to, and feel the emotions of the moments. The lighting and color is diluted, but not so much that it feels forced. There’s an honest grayness that properly reflects the world most of us live in. Every character, no matter how small, feels like someone we’ve met in the real world.

I would love to discuss this film further, but as I said I’d like to avoid spoiling it for any potential viewers. So next time you’re scrolling through Netflix, watch it, you won’t regret it.

Rating: 9.5/10

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