Pixel Perfect: Does It Hold Up?

My review of the 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie Pixel Perfect 16 later

So, oddly enough, I thought I’d originally seen this movie when it came out in 2004, but I realized very quickly I’d never seen this before. Thinking on my knowledge of most DCOM projects, I assumed this movie would play out something similar to Smart House given it’s loose sci-fi premise, but I was wrong. This movie is a lot, too much in fact. Too many subplots and not enough development, and only one character showing any sense of complexity. On top of that, music that acts as a fresh reminder that this came out before Mickey Mouse was making every actress a pop star. I could go into more detail but I don’t really think there’s a need to with this one, much like the film itself, less is more. I genuinely feel like the concept of a hologram pop star should have been kept on the shelf until maybe 2016? I understand a movie about a teenage girl whose likes her best friend and wants to make music has been done a lot, but it’s still a valid story and would have been better to just focus on that in my opinion. Their messages of the fragility of perfection was definitely solid, but I feel like using a hologram as the plot device to deliver that message is kinda dumb. You literally can’t touch the hologram, the hologram can’t feel. The movie tries to illustrate this as a complexity but it’s actually really simple to me, and the ending is just DCOM insanity at it’s worst.

This movie wasn’t good back then, and it doesn’t hold up at all. 2/10

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