Strawberry Style 6: Gambino Girl Forever

Think of an artist you love? Do you remember where you were when you first heard their music? I was in the freshman dining hall in college with my friends Peter and Bryttne, and I remember Peter showing me “Freaks and Geeks” by Childish Gambino. I hadn’t seen Community yet, and didn’t know anything about him at all, but I really liked that song. Gambino felt like the first rapper I’d ever heard that I could actually relate to. Not because we had similar lives, but because he was a nerd. I’m not saying he was the first nerdy rapper, but he was my first. Countless accomplishments later, that is still my favorite Gambino song. The video still inspires me every time I watch it. No edits, no angles, no one in it except him. Just a guy in a red hoodie with some great lyrics, and a hunger in his eyes. A man with something to prove, a passionate, all consuming determination. That man was already a success, and in my opinion, that video was his first step into becoming the icon he is now. I’ll be paying homage to him for the rest of my life. This look was my second attempt, and definitely my best so far.

The look itself doesn’t have anything too extravagant. The red hoodie is a Hanes hoodie, the shoes are basic Vans, and the jacket is an Amazon find. The shirt, from Teespring, functions as the centerpiece, and even if it’s not the first thing you notice, it’s definitely the star of the outfit. I can’t tell you how hype I was when Jasemine Denise complimented this look. She’s the biggest Donald Glover fan I know and that just felt very validating. Like, I hoped when I put the look together it might be good, but when she smiled at it, I knew I’d done it. I was trying to channel his first major project, Camp, and in some ways, I think I did. The thing that catches the eye first, for me, is the pants. That’s what I think someone would notice from far away, that would then bring attention to the entire look. I’ve wanted yellow pants for years and actually bought two other pair that didn’t work, before finding these. Like all my other jeans, these are Victorious. I just love how they fit and how they make me feel. When I was first putting this look together, I wasn’t sure how to best follow the color palette, and to be honest, for a more casual day I could probably rock the shirt with regular jeans and either red or yellow shoes, maybe wear white jeans and my black vans, but I knew I wanted to go big for the shoot, and none of the other combinations had the same pop as the yellow jeans.

PS: Thank you to my wonderful partner for doing my makeup, and my handsome man for going and getting me and my exhausted photographer our morning coffee during this shoot.

Shot by Jasemine Denise Photography

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