Strawberry Diary: Strawberry & Kiwi

This was one of the most fun, but challenging shoots I’ve ever done

So, a few days before this session with Jasemine Denise Photography I saw this video from Will Smith, it’s a fun video, but the part that really caught my eye was his photo shoot with Jordi Koalitic. Feeling inspired by the cool effects they were able to do, I asked Jasemine if we could attempt our own version of it. What ensued was incredible energy, not stop laughter, and the strengthening of friendships in a way that would normally take months. I mean, when I say Jasemine is the best photographer, I mean it. She let us throw fruit at her. Constant trial and error, by the end of it her wonderful outfit was splattered with strawberry and kiwi juices. It was absolutely insane. Also, getting to work with one of my best friends, Samantha Sinclair, whose own modeling is normally very serious and dramatic, it was wonderful to see her thrive in my colorful, wacky side of the art. I’d love to do this, or something similar, again in the future. There are so many photos of us breaking and laughing, every attempt to pose collapsed into hysterical goo.

I’ll post all the more model-esque shots in my gallery so go check those out there. Below is a short behind the scene video from this shoot. Thanks again to my regular cameraman Will Webb, and to my wonderful partner for doing my makeup in the backseat of the car.

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