Strawberry Style 4: Bottom Bitch

Sometimes last minute changes end up better than your original idea

So, this look was originally inspired by the song “Bottom Bitch” by my favorite lady in the rap game, Doja Cat. I love the energy of that song, and how she built incorporated a wonderful Blink 182 sample. Originally, this look featured a Doja Cat shirt, but due to a shipping error it didn’t arrive in time, so I improvised. As luck would have it, what was originally a decent look, became a really cool one. Don’t get me wrong, the shirt I selected was cool, but using a solid pink tee and pairing it with the Midnight Unisex Chest Harness from SKG designs. I picked this harness because I knew it would help, in at least a small way, accentuate my chest. While I don’t normally like camo, I thought it would work well in contrast with the solid tee and black boots. The pink camo from Rothco is very comfortable and, in a lot of ways, completes this look. If I had used my pink jeans, this look wouldn’t have hit. My favorite part of this look is definitely my Demonia boots. This was the first day I’d ever worn them, and I loved them so much it honestly hurt my soul to take them off when we finished this look. Even though I’m not sporting Doja Cat merch in this looks as I had originally intended, I feel like this still fits the vibe really well, and I’m proud of myself for this one. I feel strong, badass, and I definitely feel like THAT bitch. This look is the crown jewel of a day, while good, didn’t quite reach my expectations. Read that here

Shot by Jasemine Denise Photography

Makeup: Christian Davis

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Midnight Harness by SKG Designs:

Rothco pink camo pants:

Demonia Valor Boots:

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