Strawberry Style 3: Floral & Fading

Pierce The Veil is one of my favorite pop punk bands. I will admit that I didn’t particularly love them in the beginning, they had songs I liked, but the album that changed everything was Collide With The Sky and more specifically, their song “Hold On Till May.” I’m a sucker for a strong duet. So, in typical fangirl fashion, I tried to find a way to channel my love of their music into a shoot. While I couldn’t find anything off of that album, I was inspired by their song “Floral & Fading” from their Misadventures album. The music video especially, carries a beautiful style and aesthetic that feels very classic. I love the story of a couple guys in a bowling alley inventing everything from mosh pits, to holding up lighters at shows, to drummers wearing less clothes. So, with that idea in mind, I put this look together. In hindsight, the wig may not have been the best choice, but I love every other part of this look. The shirt was a Amazon find, and the jeans are from Victorious, which these days, are the only brand I trust with colored pants. I chose red because of the color scheme of the Misadventures album cover, and because it would be dynamic, while still allowing the vest to pop. The vest is actually the centerpiece of the look.

This vest is a limited edition piece of merch, and my favorite piece of band merch I’ve ever bought. I’ve already made a few other outfits with this that will definitely be in some shoots this summer. I mean look at it, that art is just sick. I’ll admit that this was my first experience modeling something that’s main piece was on the back, but it definitely wasn’t the last. Before I got my combat boots and my patch jacket, this vest was the coolest and most badass thing I owned. I hope to hold onto it for years to come, and maybe pass it on to one of my kids someday, if they love Pierce the Veil the way I do. Finishing the look with black vans just felt like the right thing to do, though I will admit that the last time I wore this look I paired it with my Demonia combat boots.

Shot by Jasemine Denise Photography

Makeup: Brianna Rogers

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