Strawberry Diary: Trying a Lua

I’m greedy. Not in the traditional sense, I would never steal or anything like that, but when I want something, I want it. The best way I could explain it would be how I play Pokemon, or something similar. I’m the girl with a level 20 Wartortle before I go against the first gym leader, or who gets Sora to level 25 before I leave Destiny Islands. I like growth, and I often times overdo it. I once had a full time morning job and a full time evening job at the same time, and traded shifts with coworkers for a month, so I could work both jobs, seven days a week. Why? Because more work equals more money. Overdoing things is basically my standard whenever I’m motivated. It probably has something to do with my manic tendencies, but that’s besides the point. When I’m motivated, I push everything to it’s limit, and modeling is no different. So, as you know, my favorite photographer is Jasemine Denise, of Jasemine Denise Photography. Working with her is easy because she understands what I like and what I’m going for every time, and I never have to worry if I’ll like the results. The only obstacle that comes with working with her, is travel, because we’re in completely different parts of America. So, when I book a session with her, I pile on as much as I can. For example, each of these shoots, all happened in a single day

Five looks, two on a location, and I had a flight to catch later that same day. I’m not saying it’s insane to do that much, but with a limited amount of time, it definitely wasn’t the smartest choice. But, in typical Jasemine Denise fashion, she killed it. Every photo set came back looking incredible. I was proud of myself cause I had never done so much at once. I loved knowing I could do that much at once. The next time I flew out, we did four sessions, and I learned a valuable lesson. Do NOT do looks that require natural hair, on the same day as looks that require wigs. I have a lot of hair, so I usually have my hair in cornrows in order to do a wig look. That day, we started strong and ended strong, but because of my hair, one look just wasn’t hitting quite right.

See, the first two looks are great, and the 4th is really good, but my fro was not cooperating with me for that Ben 10 look. If I had taken a few extra minutes to clean and moisturize it after taking the braids out (like I did with Robin) then it would have been much better, but I didn’t know that yet. I was impatient, I got greedy, and overlooked something as simple and crucial as hair maintenance. But a few months later, I finally learned my lesson. And it all started with a screenshot.

So, my favorite model in the world, my absolute idol, is Lua Stardust. I am so inspired by her, and in a lot of ways, she represents the kind of model I want to be. I’ve been a fan since around 2013, and last summer, something really cool happened.

Now, if you’ve paid attention to me at all, you know that I describe myself as a professional fangirl. Being a fan of something/someone is, in my opinion, what I’m best at. I don’t invade their inbox or do anything intrusive, but I follow their work and support them in whatever way I’m capable of. For example, I have a list of actors whose projects I always purchase, even if sometimes, it’s not very good. In fact, my fangirl nature should be obvious in my modeling, since most of the looks I put together are centered around artist merchandise. So, for someone like me to receive words of encouragement from my hero, I was in a very confident place. I booked a session for six looks in October and then, started planning for another shoot in December. Unfortunately, due to schedule conflicts, the original shoot had to be rescheduled for December. Now, a rational person would simply say “ok cool” and knock out the originally intended six looks. However, I was not rational, I was inspired, and riding a high of almost manic confidence. So, I decided that instead of doing the original six looks, and then doing the other 8 I’d put together some other time, I would do it all in one day. I convinced myself that it would be easy as long as we moved quickly and everything was well planned. After all, Lua Stardust did 14 in a single day, so why shouldn’t I give it a shot. Well, the day came, and all my planning went out the window. I didn’t use the locations I’d originally selected, the makeup artist had to work in really poor conditions, and some things just weren’t on our side. By the time we were on the sixth look of the day, the sun was going down. I learned four valuable lessons that day. First, doing that many looks in a day is easy in a studio, NOT with different locations. Second, I should be more assertive. Third, middle part wigs are not my friend, and lastly, I am not Lua Stardust. While we did great work that day, I was off my game, and made unbelievable mistakes. I didn’t even get half of what I had set out to achieve, and I put everyone around me through hell that day.

Thankfully no friendships were ended, and quality work still came of our efforts, and I finally learned my lesson about pacing. I’m slowly working towards shooting each of those looks, and even found some local talent to do the less complex shoots with. One of the looks I attempted, I will definitely attempt again this winter, but with a better wig. But, the moral of the story?

Even if you can do something, that doesn’t mean you should.

Check out the behind the scenes vlog:

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