Strawberry Diary: Birthday of Queens

Last month, right before the world (or at least my city) went into quarantine, I had the best birthday of my life. It wasn’t a wild party, it wasn’t a beautiful destination, or anything extra or extravagant. It was friends and loved ones in a diner, talking and laughing for around two hours. Or at least, that’s how it started.

As you may have read in my entry “I’m The Odd One” I’m lucky enough to have really amazing friends. However, my girl gang is without a doubt the greatest blessing I have ever received. Each of them is absolutely amazing, and I’m in awe of them every day. What started as an advice group chat (so I wouldn’t have to type the same question five times) grew into an amazing bond between the greatest women I have ever met in my life. From the moment this group of strangers became what we now call The Queen Council, all I wanted was to get them all in the same room. Not an easy task, given we all have crazy schedules, and some of us live in different states, hell, one even lives in a different country. Last year, for my 28th birthday, I was lucky enough to get three of them at the same time, and it was incredible. This year, I wanted to do it bigger and better, and I wanted to have a photo shoot with my Queens. Unfortunately, do to the impending impact of COVID-19, not all members were able to attend, but the three who did made it a day I will never forget. They showed up, and showed out!

This shoot wasn’t well planned or put together. My earlier ideas for wardrobe fell through, I failed to select a location, all I ended up saying to them was probably something like “you like black and you know I love purple” which is not anything to go on, but WOW did they kill that. That purple jacket Jasemine is wearing? She got it specifically for this shoot because purple is, as I call it, our friendship color. That gorgeous black top Deseri Rice is slaying? Sam bought it from Buffalo Exchange minutes before the shoot and with the addition of a SKG Designs collar Jasemine had with her, we pulled together a cohesive look. My favorite people, in my favorite color.

What you’re looking at, is two incredibly talented photographers, two commercial models, and an aspiring model having an absolute BLAST being crazy and having the time of our lives. While Jasemine, and the amazing Ardell Lee, were the primary photographers, Jasemine camera passed to my hands, as well as Deseri Rice’s hands, because we wanted to make sure everyone got their shots in. Thankfully, Ardell was there to capture the four of us together.

What I had expected to be a endless slay session, was actually an an hour long laughing fit. We were all our most free versions of ourselves, and even though some of the Queens had never met in person, by the end of the day, we were all each other’s sisters. There was so much love. I can’t wait to do this again next year. I will forever thank whatever high power put these absolute GODDESSES in my life

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