DragonBall Super: Broly Review (SPOILERS)


“He’s so cool. He’s so cool, but he’s so goddamn dumb”- Team Four Star Broly Abridged.

That was the consensus Team Four Star gave the original depiction of the massively powerful and massively popular villain, Broly. In his original origin story (NOT written by Akira Toriyama) Broly was neighbors with Goku when they were babies in the nursery and Goku’s constant crying traumatized Broly so much that Goku’s name became a trigger word that would ignite a power inside Broly. The power of the Legendary Super Sayain.

Yes, Broly fans, your favorite movie villain is literally a crying baby with god-level power. 

The original origin of Broly was weak, and the introduction of him as a monster who wiped out an entire galaxy was, like most things back then, so overblown it didn’t make sense. He was only capable of saying one word, Goku’s name, and was basically a ridiculous concept. 

Now he’s the second best-written character in the history of Dragon Ball (Vegeta is #1)

In this new film we see, for the first time, what life on Planet Vegeta was actually like, we get a glimpse at their culture, and we’re even given the chance to see the moment Freeza took control. Honestly, I loved this movie from beginning to end just because of how much we got to see. Much in the spirit of Super, this movie is far more focused on the story, and not just the battles. The context we’d lacked before about their planet, the way Sayains lived, we have it now. But I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum.


Some of the pieces haven’t changed, Broly is an incredible power, even as a baby reading higher than most adults and definitely higher than Vegeta, however in this story King Vegeta doesn’t attempt to murder the baby himself, but exile him to a place he couldn’t possibly survive in. This leads to Broly growing up mostly feral, starved of any interaction save his abusive, vengeful father, and the wild monsters of the planet they’re trapped on. I won’t go into detail, but Broly is no longer just some Goku obsessed nutjob, he’s a victim, starved of anything good in the world, and fashioned into a weapon by a madman. His story is compelling, and even when he’s up against our favorite heroes you’re rooting for him. You don’t want to see him fall.

The battles in this film are AMAZING, the dialogue and plot overall are the best I’ve seen since Battle of The Gods.


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