Breakfast with Jamee


Do you remember the age-old story? The story of the musician who performs in coffee shops, struggles in hotspot clubs and bars to try and meet someone who can get their foot in the door at the music industry? Managers and corporations exploiting their talent?

That world is dying. We’re on the cusp on a new era, the age of independence. Artists like Kina Grannis, Icon For Hire, and of course Chance The Rapper, are changing the way we see the music business. Even in the major label pop world things are changing. Grammy winner Alessia Cara just released her sophomore album and is crediting as the sole writer on each song. Ariana Grande dropped an iconic single while promoting an album that was only a few months old, and has just announced her new album is coming and is using the power of Twitter to urge her label to release it soon. Slowly but surely we’re inching toward a world where talent controls talent. Singer/Songwriter/Producer Jamee personifies this ideal. She is a talented producer making a name for herself in Atlanta and as an artist just released her debut project “I Guess I’m Good” a few months ago.

What song made you fall in love with music?
I’ve always been in love with music ever since I was little but a song that stands out that I would sing with my friends when it came on the radio is Roses by Outkast. I was always recording music off the radio onto tapes.

When did you know you wanted to make music?
I had a moment at a Kid Cudi concert in 2011 when I was like THAT’S what I want to do.  2016 was when I seriously decided to start making music. I was in college doing something I didn’t like and dropped out to pursue music. I was already making music/playing instruments but being around other artists made me realize it was something very possible for me to do.

Did you start out producing or writing for yourself?
I started doing both. I would make cover songs or original songs with my own lyrics and vocals on it. Then I started collaborating with more people and other people on my music more than myself. Nowadays it’s a balance between both.

Do you ever see yourself going the Timbaland, Benny, or Khaled route where you mostly produce but you put the songs out as though your the performer?
I could do that but I see myself as an artist now so why make someone else some dope music when I can make it for myself.

Top 3 artists you’d love to produce for?
Kid Cudi, Tommy Genesis, Willow Smith

Top 10 artists on your playlist right now?
Tommy Genesis, JABS, Willow Smith, Jorja Smith, Joji, Metro Boomin, xxyyxx, gobbin jr., XXX, Jhene Aiko

3 breakfast must-haves?
Waffles, grits, bacon

Describe your album in 3 words
Mellow, a vibe, loveJame
Jamee’s album “I Guess I’m Good” is a wonderful collection of songs that compliment each other and are wonderfully cohesive. It’s the perfect EP for someone who clearly refuses to be bound by genre. Chill vibes throughout with extremely relatable lyrics.

What inspired the name of your album?
Sometimes even if I don’t feel like I can do life I don’t have a choice, so I Guess I’m Good is me sucking it up and living my life to the fullest that I possibly can without admitting my brokenness.

When do you know a song is done?
A song is done when you release it. I can nitpick a song to death and it’ll never be done. Once it’s uploaded though you just gotta let it be.

If you could be signed to any label, which one would you pick? Or would you stay independent?
I would probably want to be a part of a label and it would be Awful Records if I could choose. But I’d also love to be independent.

In this age of realized potential and a more level playing field, I can’t wait to see where Jamee’s talents take her.

Find her @trapkittybeatz on Instagram

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