DBZ Kakarot & DB FighterZ

Why we don’t need any more DragonBall Games

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was a major success and a fairly great retelling of the iconic anime. While it’s definitely not perfect, most reviews consider it the second best DBZ game ever. The best is of course, Dragon Ball FighterZ. FighterZ has a detailed and fluid combat, and gameplay that both a casual button masher like myself, and a more meticulous master gamer, can have fun with. In many ways, FighterZ has the one thing Kakarot lacked, which makes these games perfect in tandem. For that reason, as well as a few others, I firmly believe that no more DragonBall Z games should be made.

Now let me be clear, I grew up with DragonBall Z. I saw every episode as it was released on Toonami, I remember how I thrilled watching Goku and his fellow Sayains overcome every threat and obstacle they faced. I have a great love and appreciation for DragonBall Z, and the undeniable influence it had on my life and the person I’ve become. However, as a gamer, I have played every Budokai, suffered through Sagas, and even played some of the handheld titles. We’ve played through these stories so many times, in so many different ways, that they’ve grown somewhat stale. In fact, many people complained that certain iconic moments weren’t captured well enough in Kakarot, and while I may agree to an extent, I also firmly believe that no re-hashing could ever capture the magic of the original. Partly, because we’ve seen these moments done, a LOT. How many times can we see the Goku vs Vegeta, or even Goku vs Frieza, before it’s gone at least a little bit stale? In my opinion, it already has. For the future of this series, or rather, for it’s future in gaming, I believe Kakarot should follow the wave of modern gaming: DLC. For examplle, had the original Kakarot game used it’s budget to make the Sayain, Frieza, and Cell sage perfect, developers could have later sold the Buu saga as DLC, using the new funds to make it perfect as well. Every moment, small or large, could be pushed to it’s maximum potential with the increase in funding, which would of course, only promised even more profit upon release. In a way, this is similar to the FighterZ method, releasing new characters, as well as updating current ones, in these “seasons” DLC packs. With this, Kakarot could offer perfect gaming adaptations of every story arc, while FighterZ could continue to be the perfect fighting game for DBZ fans.

Just please…please….don’t try to sell another re-hashing. No new games. Period.

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