Why we don’t need a Zendaya album…yet



I love Zendaya, I think she’s absolutely incredible. She’s a wonderful role model for young girls and is truly changing the world of entertainment. Rather than ditch her Disney roots and go crazy to prove she was grown she became an executive producer for her second show and rose from Disney Channel to MCU. This brilliant move, as well as everything else she’s hustled and fought for has kept her working and spread her across so many screens that she’s undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of 2019. Thousands of people love her, follow her on social media, and make sure to watch most, if not all, of the projects she takes on. However, one look at her twitter and you see what has gone from a question to an ongoing joke among the fan base: where is her second album? Her first album was released six years ago, and fans have been eager for a follow-up ever since. But, in my opinion, we don’t need one, at least not right now.

Strictly musically speaking, Zendaya is constantly releasing music, most of it in connection to movies she’s in. Everything from the musical Greatest Showman (for which she learned trapeze) to a single song for her kid’s movie Smallfoot, there’s no shortage of music from her, but more than that, think about how a full album would change things for her. Right now Zendaya has a film and TV schedule of projects set to come out this year and 2020. She’s been, for lack of a more fitting phrase, acting her ass off. Small screens and big screens, she’s all over them. She constantly addresses dating rumors simply by telling us she doesn’t have time, and from that release schedule, she’s right. I couldn’t tell you the last time we saw any evidence of a vacation. She’s constantly working. So, rather than complain about what she isn’t doing, let’s praise and support her for what she is doing, being a badass!

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