Strawberry Style 2: Glamour Kills

I used to joke that I’m trapped in 2009, but for a while that was actually true. 2005-2010 marked some of my favorite years in pop punk culture. Warped Tour, Alternative Press Tour, my culture was thriving in the mainstream, and we even had some reliable pop punk clothing options. These days everything alternative is goth focused (Dolls Kill) but back then, bright colors, crazy graphic tees, and skinny jeans was the way to go, and no one delivered on that quite like Glamour Kills, a brand so strong they even had their own annual tour for a few years. Through collabs with bands on new designs, putting bands in their clothes for music videos, and various other methods, Glamour Kills was deeply embedded into the fabric of pop punk. Unfortunately, Glamour Kills isn’t really around anymore, but I still had a shirt, so I figured why not represent? Say what you want, but that flying pig logo is a perfect icon for late 2000s pop punk.

This is one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever put together. It makes me feel like I could be transported to any of my favorite music videos, like “You Make Me Feel” with Cobra Starship, or “Take My Hand” with The Cab. It takes me back to being out at The Masquerade on a school night, covered in a weird mixture of sweat, water from the performers, and probably a few people’s beer, raging in mosh pits and screaming lyrics along with my favorite bands. It reminds me of coming to school the next day, unable to really talk, sore from how much fun I’d had. My ultimate happy place is a pop punk concert, and that’s what this look feels like to me. My purple wig, a cheap but good quality grab from Amazon, honestly could be swapped with a number of other wigs, I could even change the vest or the jeans with almost no real consequence. The main focus of this look is the shirt, and as long as the rest of the outfit looks good and doesn’t take attention away from that, it works. I love the simplicity of having one focus point, it’s like having a really delicious cake, where the actual cake itself is incredible, so you can put on any frosting you want. What made this even more fun was shooting it alongside my always badass best friend, the Goddess Jasemine Denise.

Jasemine and I do a look together almost every time I book a shoot with her. She’s an amazing photographer as well as an incredible model, and we always have a great time putting these together. She’s usually game for whatever wacky idea I want to throw her way, and honestly over this past year, if you look at our work together, you notice that with each shoot I get more comfortable modeling beside her. This shoot, I like to think, is when I stopped thinking “am I good enough?” and fully believed I am. This shoot is me at my most comfortable, most confident, and most myself, in all my 2000s pop punk glory.
Associated Song: Exits & Entrances– We Are The In Crowd

Photography: Jasemine Denise Photography

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